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The Invention of Tragedy (world premiere)

September 7-October 14 2019

Written by three time Obie-Award winning (and co-founder of The Flea) Mac Wellman and directed by Meghan Finn.

A chorus of students, all alike and all unalike, are trying like the devil to tell a simple story—perhaps the story about the tragedy of the Sandwich Man, with sandwich boards upon which nothing is written, and hence, say nothing. Wellman’s examination of the post-9/11 world and America’s general and genial acceptance of the Iraq war.

"How to describe the oratorically dense, frequently hysterical and mind-buzzingly creative The Invention of Tragedy? How does Shakespeare sound to a young child?"

-Joe Lombardi, Broadway World

"Mac Wellman's ode to theater does away with character and basic grammar. Here, language baffles and delights."

-Alexis Soloski, The New York Times

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