Macy Lanceta



Macy is a Filipina-American actor and creator

who grew up all around the country as a military brat.


She received her BFA Acting degree from

Florida State University in 2018


Now she is based in New York City and a local hire for the Houston area.


Macy strives to use the process and performance of theatre to build a space

of connection and self-reflection for an audience to call home.


Prometheus Bound

March 24 2021-April 11 2021

Directed by Ran Xia, Howard Rubenstein's adaptation of Aeschylus' Prometheus Bound examines the discrepancy between what is legal versus what is just, to dismantle the concept of injustice veiled as order. ⁠⁠


Prometheus Bound is fully designed and staged for an audience of no one in The Tank’s 98-Seat theater. Instead, it is captured for the screen by

Iris Media Works as a purely cinematic experience, with mask, original music, and deeply compelling performances of the late Rubenstein's visionary text.⁠